Making block prints makes me happy.

Sharing with others what I have learned from over 40 years of creating prints makes me just as happy!

Helping folks realize their personal vision through the process is extremely rewarding and, of course, a great learning experience for me as well. I was first introduced to relief printing while at art school where I majored in Illustration. I immediately fell in love with the concept and process as a way to make an image. I continue to explore and experiment with different surfaces, imagery, and techniques.

It takes a lot of determination, follow through and faith to keep going from one step to the next and the next; from designing an image, to transferring the design to the block, to cutting and proofing, to selecting colors and paper, to registering the blocks, to inking, to proofing again, until finally …POOF… almost like magic…a print is born.

Everyone has their favorite part of the process, however, cutting the block with gouges and knives is probably the most necessary to embrace.

I offer weekly workshops at my Winterberry Studio Workshop and specialty workshops at various venues. Please contact me with questions or to enroll. 

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